Two People Arrested On Charges Of Dealing Marijuana

(MITCHELL) – Mitchell Police arrested two people on drug charges on Friday.

Shane Hall

Police arrested 37-year-old Shane Hall and 40-year-old Summer Jones, both of Orleans, on charges of dealing in marijuana, possession of marijuana, and unlawful possession of a syringe.

Summer Jones

According to a probable cause affidavit, on Friday at 2:46 p.m. Lawrence County Central Dispatch received a call about a vehicle leaving the scene of an accident.

The victim told police a red Dodge Ram pickup left the scene of an accident. The caller then stated the Dodge proceeded into Spring Mill State Park.

Mitchell Police and several Lawrence County officers responded to the scene.

While officers were on their way a Department of Natural Resources officer advised officers the red Dodge Ram had a paper license plate and was being followed by a black Pontiac Grand Am.

The DNR officer stated the vehicle was driving recklessly in the park and the male driver of the Dodge Ram and the female driver of the Grand Am appeared to be in a possible verbal altercation.

A short time later dispatchers received information the two vehicles were seen turning onto Eagleview Road from State Road 60 East.

Officers went down Eagleview Road and located both vehicles in a driveway in the 100 block of Eagleview Road.

Officers exited their vehicles and immediately detected an odor of burnt marijuana. Once officers approached the front door to the residence, the odor grew stronger.

An officer knocked on the front door and a female stated “great now the cops are here.”

Once the female opened the door, police say it was obviously the odor was coming from inside the residence. Police identified those inside as Summer Jones and Shane Hall

Both denied knowing anything about a leaving the scene accident. Jones finally admitted that Hall had struck a vehicle and left.

Officers then asked for consent to search the home due to the odor of marijuana. Both denied the request to search the home, but told police there was only marijuana inside the home and they would show police where it was.

Hall admitted there was nearly a half a pound of marijuana in the home. Both again denied officers consent to search the home but would bring them the marijuana.

At approximately 5:20 p.m. officers secured a search warrant for the home and found the living room and kitchen was littered with small burnt portion of marijuana cigarettes. A plastic mat was on the kitchen table positioned in front of a chair and had a pair of scissors on it. Officers also located several pieces of marijuana on the mat. They say it appeared as if someone had been cutting marijuana with the scissors.

In the south portion of the dwelling police found approximately 100 marijuana plants hanging upside down by metal wires strung across the room.

Officers found a similar setup in another bedroom with approximately another 10-15 plants hanging in a closet as well as laying on the floor of the room.

Officers found five large zip-lock bags containing marijuana and several syringes throughout the home. The total weight of all five bags was 675.80 grams

The officers determined the house was only being used to grow and dry marijuana. There were no beds in the home and the living room only contained a television, couch, and a chair.

There was no clothing in the home indicating no one was living in the home.

Hall told police he had lived in the home for more than 30 years. Jones told police she had recently moved in about two months ago.

Outside of the home police found a trailer on the property and a small portion of land used to grow corn. Inside the rows of corn police located several other marijuana plants that had been cut down. Police say the corn was planted and used to conceal the marijuana plants within.

Approximately 25 feet from the corn, officers located approximately 20-30 more marijuana plants growing in the woods. The plants were spread out through a portion of the land that was wooded. While cutting down the plants, officers located a black irrigation pipe running from the dwelling. They say it appeared as if the pipe was used to water the plants.

Officers contacted Mitchell Mayor JD England and requested a city truck. After approximately 20 minutes, a city worker arrived with a truck to assist. Officers then loaded all the plants into the dump bed of the truck. The plants were then escorted to the Mitchell Police Department and City garage and secured.

Twelve syringes were also photographed and placed into evidence.

One clear bag and two prescription bottles containing marijuana seeds were also seized and placed into evidence.

Police found Jones had $481 in cash and it was seized and put into evidence.
Hall said the money was not from the sale of marijuana because they had not sold any yet.