Time to Evict Bats from Your Home

(UNDATED) – As temperatures drop, most Hoosiers hunker down to stay warm, and native bats are preparing to do the same. Big brown bats may use buildings for hibernation, causing homeowners to search for solutions to evict their unwelcome guests.

According to the Indiana Department of Resources bat removal takes finesse.

Ideally, temperatures should be above 50-60°F for five consecutive nights without high winds or precipitation. August through October is the best time to remove bats. In winter and early spring (November – April), most of Indiana’s bat species are hibernating and should NOT be removed at this time. In the summer (June – August), bats are rearing pups and should NOT be evicted to prevent trapping juveniles.

Using one-way, funnel-shaped exclusion devices to evict bats is the most efficient method of removing and preventing bats from roosting in structures. These devices allow bats to exit but not enter a building. Once it is clear and bats are not entering elsewhere, the bat entrance(s) can be repaired. A variety of materials can be used, making it easy to find a solution that works best for your home.

For immediate assistance with injured bats, please contact a licensed wildlife rehabilitator. If you need help figuring out bat-proofing solutions for your home, consider contacting your district wildlife biologist.

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