Marion Township Provides Information on Obtaining a Free Smoke Detector

(MITCHELL) – Marion Twp Fire Department has received a grant from the Lawrence County Community Foundation to purchase smoke detectors that will given out during the month of October to those in need.

From left to right: Marion Township VFD firefighters Caleb Loboski, Reid Marlo, Dane Fountain, and Randy Young of Ace Hardware Store Mitchell.

“This is a rare opportunity, thanks to the Lawrence County Community Foundation, to further protect the citizens that call Marion and Bono Townships home,” said Marion Township Fire Chief Paul Gillespie. “We have a limited amount of smoke detectors. We want to get them out to our communities to give them ample time get them installed in their residence should there be a fire.”

Marion Township Fire applied for the grant to get as many smoke detectors as possible. They were purchased using grant funding at Ace Hardware in Mitchell.

“We would love to get at least one smoke detector in every home in our response area, but we were limited on how many we could purchase at this time. So we will be focusing on those who do not have any or don’t have the means to upkeep smoke detectors in their homes,” added Gillespie.

“It has been proven that fires are burning hotter and faster in modern times. Getting that few minutes head start that you have a fire could be the difference in a life, and that is the goal. Homes and things can be replaced; a life can not,” Gillespie continued.

In July, Marion Township purchased smoke detectors to be distributed during fire prevention month.

If you are interested in filling out the survey for a free smoke detector visit under the info tab you will see “Smoke detector survey”. Fill out the form and hit submit. This form will be sent directly to the Chief Gillespie.

“Once we review the information we can get these out to those that need them,” Gillespie added.