Lawrence County Workforce Coalition Announces Third Cohort of Training

(BEDFORD) – The Lawrence County Workforce Coalition (LCWC) announced this week that the third cohort of the Introduction to Local Jobs and Skills program is set for this month.

The three-week training course is designed for adult students to gain exposure to and develop entry-level skills for the region’s careers. Classes are being conducted at the North Lawrence Career Center with three program areas: welding, construction trades, and machining taught by certified NLCC instructors David McCart, Matt Olson, and Brad Gilbert. 

In addition to learning concepts and overviews of skills to obtain and/or advance in one of these career areas, students will also be exploring employability competencies such as communication, workplace etiquette, and social awareness. This aspect of the program is taught by Linda Henderson with Families Forever. 

Joe Timbrook, Director of Career Development at the LCWC

“Our local employers and community organizations have been extremely helpful in developing training that helps the participant as well as the employer,” commented Joe Timbrook, Director of Career Development at the LCWC.

The results from the first two cohorts exceeded expectations with all 16 participants receiving a “next step,” whether it involved completing their High School Equivalency (at no cost), application for the Indiana Laborers Training Institute apprenticeship program, Next Level Jobs training (at no charge), a career, or a combination of these. 

“The quality of candidates coming from this three-week training has exceeded our expectations.  They are more prepared to enter the workforce and able to use the skills they have gained. We look forward to more candidates as this important opportunity continues for our community,” said Stewart Rariden, President of Stone City Products.  

This next class is open to all adult residents of Lawrence County and begins on Monday, October 19th, and runs through November 6th.  The Classes are scheduled for Monday through Friday from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m., and all courses are taught at the North Lawrence Career Center. 

At the end of the course, students will have earned a certificate of completion to show prospective employers and add to their resume, which they will have the opportunity to craft as part of the course curriculum.  

There is also a graduation ceremony and a stipend of $250 for completing the class. 

Currently, the ideal student is a Lawrence County resident that is unemployed or not yet earning a living wage. If you are interested in participating in the program, or an employer interested in getting involved, please contact Joe Timbrook at 812-275-4493 or

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