IU Alumni Association Offers No-Cost Member Program

(UNDATED) – The IU Alumni Association is pleased to announce its no-cost member program—IU Proud. The program offers a basic level of core services and recognition from the IUAA.

“The no-cost IU Proud member program is another step toward fulfilling our commitment of bringing together IU alumni to support one another and our beloved alma mater,” says J T. Forbes, CEO of the IUAA.

IU Proud is a completely digital member program, and includes core services such as:

  • Career and professional development resources.
  • An alumni email address: @alumni.iu.edu.
  • A digital subscription to the Indiana University Alumni Magazine and the monthly Alumni Insider e-newsletter.
  • Networking and mentoring opportunities through the Virtual Alumni Community.

IU Loyal and IU Life member contributions help make it possible for the IUAA to provide services and programs to alumni, including the IU Proud program for students, recent graduates, and alumni experiencing hardship. It’s another way that IU alumni are paving the way for one another.

“It’s during times such as these that we lean on our communities. Our shared connection to IU has never meant so much,” says IUAA Director of Member Marketing, Joan Hall. “The IU Proud program provides a way for alumni to remain close to the IU community.”

To join as an IU Proud member, alumni simply provide their current contact information to the IUAA. Recognition as an IU Proud member lasts for one year. To renew, members will update or verify their contact information.

To become an IU Proud member, visit alumni.iu.edu/iuproud. For those who would like to support this no-cost program, visit alumni.iu.edu/join/recognition-levels/ to become an IU Loyal or IU Life member.

The IU Alumni Association is a global organization that brings more than 725,000 graduates together to support one another and Indiana University. The IUAA member program provides access to IU’s vast network through lifelong learning, professional development, various digital platforms, curated content, and university traditions.

For more information, contact Joan Hall, director of member marketing, at iuaamemb@indiana.edu or 800-824-3044.