Proposed Budget For City Of Bedford Set At $18.4M

(BEDFORD) – The proposed budget for the City of Bedford in 2021 is $18,432,028 which is a reduction of $391,480.

No one spoke for or against the proposed budget at the budget hearing during the public hearing Monday night.

Some of the increases in budgets were in relation to 27 weeks of pay this year.

The fire department budget is $3,195,449 for 2021 and the police department budget is $3,744,374 for 2021. City Councilman Dan Bortner noted as he did previously that he would like to see a salary study of Public Safety as previously requested to retain qualified personnel.

The fire department is up to a full staff of 37, the police department is looking to hire two police officers, and one dispatcher position is available until a new hire returns from maternity leave. The police department currently has 27 officers on the force.

The police department’s overtime budget has increased to allow officers to make a little money from overtime versus having comp time. Officers prefer money versus receiving time off.

In a separate budget line item, the Local Income Tax for Public Safety pays the salary of four Bedford Fire Department personnel which include the fire chief and three battalion chiefs, which totals $354,534.

The Local Income Tax for Public Safety pays the salary of the top five personnel of the police department. The total budget for 2021 for the LIT for the police department is budgeted at $451,977.

The TASC budget is $764,004 with ridership a little down this year due to COVID-19 and a few of the riders were able to purchase transportation for themselves. The TASC bus service reported serving more than 1,560 riders in the 2nd quarter of this year.

The Motor Vehicle Highway Budget is projected at $2,143,808 for 2021 which is a decrease over the last year of approximately $50,000.

The Parks and Recreation Budget had a decrease for 2021 and is $1,313,562.

The Tax Incremental Fund had an increase of $634,838 which includes the $111,000 the Bedford Redevelopment Commission allocated for the Wastewater Treatment Plant Renovation.

For the next couple of budget years, the budget will be closely monitored with revenue shortfalls that could affect the budget again in 2022.