Female Teen Arrested After Stabbing Boy

(BEDFORD) – A 16-year-old female was arrested after Bedford Police officers say she allegedly stabbed a male teen at Thornton Park basketball courts Thursday night.

Officers responded to the basketball courts after a report of a fight.

“While officers were enroute the caller mentioned there was a large group and most of them took off running in different directions,” said Chief Terry Moore. “Officers arrived and spoke with a fifteen-year-old male who stated that he got into a fight with another male juvenile but didn’t want to file charges.  Officers spoke with several witnesses at the court and mentioned a female was walking around with a knife threatening people before the fight and was with the male who was involved in the fight.”

Additional officers stopped two different groups that had left the park after the fight. One of those groups involved the female who had the knife at the park and the other male involved in the fight.

“Officers retrieved the knife, identified everyone, and left,” added Chief Moore. “About an hour later officers were requested to IU Health emergency room reporting a male teen was being treated for a stab wound to the upper leg.”

The male told police he didn’t realized he had been stabbed.

After interviewing everyone involved, police determined the female stabbed the male.

The girl was arrested on charges of intimidation with a deadly weapon, battery resulting in bodily injury, battery, disorderly conduct, and resisting law enforcement. She was then transported to the Dickinson Juvenile Justice Center.