Brent Goodman Releases Statement Following Acquittal

(BEDFORD) – A Lawrence County Superior Court I jury heard two days of testimony during the Brent Goodman trial. The jury took approximately two hours to reach a not guilty verdict on Friday night.

Brent Goodman

49-year-old Brent Goodman, of 60 Carver Lane, was arrested in September 2018 on charges of child molesting, a Level 4 felony; child exploitation, a Level 5 felony; possession of child pornography, a Level 6 felony; and vicarious sexual gratification, a Level 4 felony.

Through his attorney Brent Goodman released the following statement Sunday morning:

Well, I have had these accusations following me around for about two and a half years so it’s finally good to get rid of them.

I would like to thank my family and friends for believing in me and standing beside me, I would also like to thank my attorneys Denise Turner and Dave Shircliff they both are excellent at their profession.

I would also like to thank the jury, they were very attentive through this process and paid close attention to what everyone had to say I think they weighed the evidence heavily and came back with the right verdict.

I would like to quote the deputy prosecutor in a previous statement that she made ‘jury trials are fair, and this jury’s verdict was just.’

Defense attorney Denise Turner said, “It is good to send an innocent man home. This is the right verdict; I thank the jury. They were a good and smart jury who took their time in weighing the evidence. They paid attention, took notes, and listened to the evidence presented.”

The defense proved the victim took naked selfies of himself on several occassions and had viewed porographic material on his own since he was around eight years old.

The devices seized by the Indiana State Police included cell phones, a laptop computer, and a camera. Only one cell phone is said to have had pictures of pornography and pictures of the victim.

The defense stated the tablet owned by the victim was never seized through a warrant requested from the Indiana State Police. They also stated Indiana State Police officials did not take statements from the many health care workers associated with the victim.

Brent Goodman’s son Branson testified the victim used Brent’s phone to watch rap videos on numerous occasions.

During testimony, the victim says they did not tell any CASA workers, DCS workers, and other healthcare professionals who he was in contact with about the abuse. State employees are required by law to report any kind of abuse.

Dawn Freeman, who was a foster family support worker, testified that the victim was very open about other issues in the home such as discipline. She stated the victim was very shy or not forthcoming about sexual matters when asked.

The victim, who just turned 16, has moved in and out of homes since he was two years of age. Freeman testified the boy had several behavioral issues that are common in these types of situations.

According to court testimony, the victim notified a step-sister of the abuse, who then told his father. The father then notifyed law enforcement officials. The father’s parental rights were terminated by the court in 2017, about the time the allegations against Brent Goodman were made.