24 Participate In 2nd Annual Butch Fish 10 Mile Dam Run Saturday

(BEDFORD) – The 2nd Annual Butch Fish 10 Mile Dam Run was held Saturday morning with 24 runners/walkers taking part in this year’s event.

24 individuals took part in the 2nd Annual Butch Fish Dam Run Saturday

Butch’s wife and Bedford Mayor Sam Craig saw the participants off at the starting line at U Street at the Milwaukee Trail. Participants then headed off towards Williams, Indiana with a scenic trek on the Milwaukee Trail.

Audio: Jim Sowders comments on the 2nd Annual Butch Fish Dam Run
A scoreboard was installed in Butch Fish’s honor last year.
Audio: Bedford Parks Director Gary Dorsett comments on Butch Fish’s Dam Run

The proceeds for the event go towards projects Butch wanted to finish at Murray Park.

One of Butch Fish’s projects he worked on with other volunteers was supporting the Milwaukee Trail near Williams.

This year’s’ attendance was about the same as last year’s with COVID-19 still playing a role in keeping people away from public events.

Butch Fish

Throughout Murray Park you can see many reminders of some of the work that Butch Fish had his hands on. Butch will always be remembered as a strong supporter of the Bedford Parks Department as a worker and board member.