HazMat Exercise Friday and Saturday In Oolitic

(OOLITIC) – On Friday morning September 11th the Lawrence County EMA and Emergency Planning Committee will have an indoor exercise at the Oolitic Town Hall. 

The exercise will be a discussion-based exercise involving a chemical accident. 

The Town Hall will still be open for regular business. The exercise will be completed no later than noon.

On Saturday, September 12th the exercise will continue at the Oolitic Volunteer Fire Station and behind Oolitic Town Hall.

First responders will practice medical assessment, retrieving patients, decontamination, and triage procedures. 

Expect multiple fire and EMS apparatus in the area while the drill is being conducted. 

The alleyway behind the town hall will be closed Saturday for the exercise.  The exercise is expected to conclude by noon.   

The committee would like to thank the Town of Oolitic for allowing them to practice training skills at their facilities.

For questions contact Valerie Luchauer at lcema47421@gmail.com or by phone 812-277-9680 or Chief Ted Maze at paramedic60@gmail.com.