Retreat To WestGate For A FREE Day Of Socially Distanced Coworking Sept. 17

(ODON) – Working from home? Need a change of scenery? Retreat to WestGate for a FREE day of socially distanced coworking.

Here is what you can expect:

  • Be teamed up and work alongside other individuals within your industry (sitting 10 feet away)
  • Attend livestream Purdue MEP webinar with Eugene Jones (in our LARGE socially distanced conference center)
  • FREE business headshots (time slots will be set up for social distancing)
  • Purchase lunch from the Food Truck Thursday event (available outside and FAR apart)

View the full schedule below. Note that none of the events are mandatory, they’re offered to give your mind a healthy break during the workday

Register here.

Be sure to register officials plan to cap this event off at 50 people. All socially distanced and CDC guidelines will be followed for each of the planned activities.

If you have additional questions, feel free to email Morgan Thewes, Marketing and Communications Manager, Purdue Foundry at WestGate, at