Two Women Arrested After Chasing Another Vehicle

(BEDFORD) – Two women were arrested after a Bedford Police officer was on patrol in the area of 16th and O streets and saw two vehicles traveling eastbound in the westbound lane.

“The first vehicle was black and the second was maroon,” said Assistant Chief Joe DeWees. “The officer saw that the vehicles were traveling faster than other traffic and were passing other vehicles by using the wrong lanes including the westbound lanes. It appeared to the officer that the maroon vehicle was chasing the black vehicle.”

The officer turned on his emergency lights and turned around to stop the vehicles. However the vehicles continued traveling east on 16th Street. At 16th and M Street they failed to stop for a red light. As the vehicles approached K street, they stopped.

The maroon vehicle stopped in a way to prevent the black vehicle from moving.

Ashley Reynolds

“At this time two females, later identified as 26-year-old Kierra Weaver, of Bedford, and 28-year-old Ashley Reynolds, of Bloomington, got out of a maroon vehicle,” said DeWees. “The women were yelling and attempted to open the door of the black vehicle. The officer told the two females to stop yelling and obstructing traffic on 16th Street.”

Kierra Weaver

Other officers arrived and helped in separating the women from the black vehicle. The women continued yelling and obstructing traffic on 16th Street.

The women continued yelling. After several requests Reynolds moved her vehicle to allow traffic to pass.

Police then requested the women’s identification. Reynold once again began yelling at the male driver and refused to provide the officers with her identification.

She was then arrested on a charge of disorderly conduct, attempted unauthorized entry of a motor vehicle, intimidation, and harassment. 

The male driver of the black vehicle told police he was fleeing from the women and that they had nearly struck his car several times. He told police the incident stemmed from a child custody dispute. 

Reynolds, of Bloomington, was arrested on charges of possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, reckless driving causing property damage, and disorderly conduct.

Assistant Chief DeWees says additional warrants are being sought.