Oolitic Town Marshal Jon Jeffries Has Served Oolitic For 40 Years

(OOLITIC) – Back in 1980, Jon Jeffries was hired by the Oolitic Police Department and has served the town for 40 years as a town marshal.

His dedication to the community is notable in so many ways. He has served in many capacities through the years, even as Town Manager for a small amount of time.

Oolitic Town Marshal Jon Jeffries has served the Town of Oolitic for 40 years.

“Thank you, Marshall Jeffries, for serving the community. Congratulations on 40 years of service,” said Oolitic Town Council Member Steve Kerr.

“I just want to say, Jon has been on the police force here in Oolitic seems all my life. Jon is easy to talk to, and always willing to help and guide you in the right direction with matters that arise. I appreciate all he does for the town,” said Tangie Jenkins Oolitic Town Council member.

If you talk to anyone around Oolitic, Jon’s approach is calm and reassuring even when times may be chaotic. He shows respect to all he comes in contact with even those he arrests.

Jeffries’ main philosophy is to treat the person the same way you want to be treated.

Jeffries has been able to stay in a career when most police officers quit or retire due to burnout. Most don’t last more than 20 to 25 years, much less 40.

“Jon has served our community for 40 years. I was surprised to hear that, although I remember when he was hired. I appreciate Jon’s commitment and dedication to the Town of Oolitic. He so quietly and efficiently does his job, we sometimes forget to say thank you,” said Brenda Corey.

Oolitic Deputy Town Marshal Ted Maze

Ted Maze serves as Oolitic’s Deputy Town Marshall. Both of these men make sure the school zones are safe, crime is reduced and the community is served.

The Oolitic Police force serves its community with loyalty and is dedicated to the residents of Oolitic who they serve both on and off the job.