Two Males Arrested After Fight

(BEDFORD) – Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department deputies arrested two men after they were involved in a fight on Thursday.

Dean Terrill

Police arrested 22-year-old Dean Terrill, of Nashville, and 23-year-old Ronald Hess on charges of battery and criminal trespassing.

Ronald Hess

According to a probable cause affidavit, on Thursday officers were called to the 370 block of Martin Hollow Road after a report of a fight between multiple males.

While police were on their way they received information that the fight had ended but two males remained on the property and were refusing to leave.

When police arrived they spoke with a male victim that said Terrill had items stored in the male’s barn. The male victim was to sell those items for Terrill for money owed to the victim.

The male told police Terrill and Hess began threatening him over money he received for the items he sold.

The victim told the two to leave his property and they refused. The victim told police Hess pulled the front of his shirt up revealing a handgun and threatened him. Hess then punched the victim in the face and put him in a headlock. Hess continued to punch the man in the face as Terrill jumped on the victim’s back. The altercation continued into the roadway and ended shortly after the victim’s mother arrived on the scene. The victim’s step-father stated he asked the males to leave after the altercation took place and the males again refused to leave.

Both Hess and Terrill were arrested. Police found an M&P handgun under the driver’s seat and a modern sporting rifle located in the trunk of the
Hess’s vehicle.

Hess told police he had given Terrill a ride in his vehicle to victim’s home to retrieve money owed to Terrill by the victim. He says the two conversed about the money owed when the victim walked to the gate in the driveway with a wrench or ratchet and walked around the passenger side of the vehicle and struck Hess and the altercation began.

Terrill told police a similar account of what happened.

Both men were arrested without further incident.