CareSource Helps Indiana Prisoners With Re-Entry

(UNDATED) – CareSource, a non-profit health Plan launched a Re-Entry program with the cooperation of the Indiana Department of Corrections back in 2018.

CareSource started Medicaid program in 2017, as a health care provider and soon realized that a large number of their clients, came from the Indiana Department of Corrections.

Dr. Cameual Wright

“It was obvious that these individuals had a tremendous amount of challenges, which included physical, as well as social challenges,” said Dr. Cameual Wright CareSource Indiana medical director. “We recognized the importance of having specific programs and specific approach to helping these members reintegrate into society.”

CareSource and Indiana Department of Corrections started working along side one another for the last three years in helping this segment of the community.

CareSource has a presence in all 15 correctional facilities in the State of Indiana.

There is a dedicated re-entry team, the team physically goes into the correctional facility provides education to those offenders that are about to be released.

Dr. Wright comments

This education centers around health insurance, why it is important, what they are eligible for, and in terms of the Healthy Indiana Plan, and who to contact CareSource for more information and support once they are released.

“Once they are released our team will connect with them, and perform an assessment to see what their unique situation is,” said Dr. Wright.

The clients then are directed to internal or external resources to help them get the healthcare, behavioral health services, substance abuse services, and connect them to community partners in the agencies who can provide support for social needs. Which include, housing, clothing and other immediate needs.

Job Connect also through Caresource, connects offenders with a life coach, who will work with them for a period of two years to help them achieve education or employment.

“They understand what the barriers are, and help them make a plan so they can become self-efficient,” Dr. Wright added.

CareSource has helped more than 700 individuals so far in this program.

This program is very important because by statistics it looks dismal in terms of recidivism rate – 30 percent – where individuals return to the criminal justice system. This means, 1 out of 3 individuals will go back to some form of incarceration.

“We know that if we help them really integrate well, reconnect to family, friends and get their medical needs taken care of, become employed, that we can have a real positive effect on this recidivism rate,” said Dr. Wright.

CareSource does not just focus on health care needs, but treats the entire person and address all of their needs.

There is a risk of a person dying within two weeks following their release from incarciration. Which is about 12 times higher than the average person.

Dr. Wright comments

The reasons include suicide, homicide, overdoses, sometimes cardiac events, they are a lot of challenges facing these individuals.

“We want to see these individuals do well, and we feel like we are in a good position to help them,” said Dr. Wright.

CareSource is now, getting ready to help introduce this program for juveniles that are in Correctional Facilities.

Juveniles offender’s concerns are a lot different. The program includes support for the entire family.

Be prepared to get them in school, or an alternative school if that is appropriate.

In addition, to address behavioral health concerns, substance abuse, the program will help provide education programs and other help to get their lives back on track.

Caresource is still in the planning stages of the Juvenile portion of this program and hopes to start implementing it towards the end of this year. Most likely the juvenile program will be implemented in one facility, and then expanded over a period of time to other facilities.