National Award Presented To Member Of Department Of Correction & Employee Of GTL

(INDIANAPOLIS) – Chris Eloiza, the Intelligence Coordinator for the Dept. of Correction, and Gabrielle Padilla, a Supervisor of Intelligence Services with GTL, the contract provider of communication services for offenders at Indiana correctional facilities, were recognized with a national award. 

The award, from the National Corrections/Custodial Intelligence Sharing Group (NCCISG), an affiliate to the national Law Enforcement Intelligence Units (LEIU) organization was the result of Chris and Gabrielle being nominated by the Oklahoma liaison for LEIU, Nick Chaffin.  Mr. Chaffin is the Resident Agent in Charge for the Oklahoma Department of Correction.  In Mr. Chaffin’s nomination letter to the LEIU board, which ultimately resulted in today’s award, he stated, “As the Intelligence Coordinator and Lead Analyst for the Indiana Department of Correction  – Office of Investigations and Intelligence, [Chris] and Gabrielle continually provide leadership and display the utmost professionalism throughout the correctional intelligence community and the criminal intelligence community as a whole.”

The letter went on to highlight specific examples of service that resulted in their recognition.  The most prominent being the development of a one-week Correctional Intelligence Analyst Academy, which was attended by 25 people from five different states and represented 11 separate law enforcement and correctional agencies. 

Chris Eloiza and Gabrielle Padilla with their NCCISG Award Presented at the Indiana Dept. of Correction

“Most people fail to recognize the level of dedication, commitment and investigative work that goes into gathering actionable intelligence of criminal activities in a correctional environment.” said Commissioner Rob Carter of the Indiana Dept. of Correction. “It speaks very highly of Chris and Gabrielle to be recognized with this award by a national organization that’s committed to making correctional facilities safer through intelligence gathering and sharing.” 

More about Chris and Gabrielle

Chris Eloiza is the Intelligence Coordinator and a sworn Law Enforcement Officer for the Indiana Department of Correction (IDOC).

Chris Eloiza

In this role, Chris is responsible for overseeing the Intelligence Unit for the Indiana Department of Correction. This unit is comprised of over 29 analysts statewide. From 2002-2006, Chris was an active member of the United States Marine Corps Infantry, where he was Honorably Discharged after two combat tours, receiving a Letter of Commendation for his actions during combat. In 2007, Chris began his career with the IDOC as a Correctional Officer.  Since 2007, Chris has received multiple promotions within IDOC, including Sergeant, Security Threat Group (STG) Investigator, STG Coordinator, and Assistant Lead Investigator. Chris has helped train staff in many areas, including firearms, quick reactions teams, and intelligence.

Gabrielle Padilla is a Supervisor of Intelligence Services employed by GTL and contracted to the Indiana Department of Correction.

Gabrielle Padilla

In this role, she provides actionable intelligence in the form of intelligence products or briefings to correctional personnel and local/federal law enforcement agencies mainly related to drug trafficking, criminal gang activity, and fugitive apprehension. Gabrielle also oversees GTL analysts in Indiana, Alabama, and Mississippi.  She has completed numerous training related to intelligence and has assisted in training intelligence analysts working in the correctional environment nationwide. Prior to becoming a Supervisor of Intelligence Services, Gabrielle received her Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice and Psychology from Indiana University. Gabrielle previously worked for the Indiana Department of Correction as a Correctional Officer, the Department of Child Services as a Family Case Manager and was contracted to the Indiana Department of Correction as an Intelligence Analyst and Lead Intelligence Analyst.