Ice Cream Sundae Is A Welcomed ‘Thank You’

(CARLISLE) – Like other organizations, be they government or private businesses, employees are the backbone of any operation. That’s certainly true for the Indiana Department of Correction and the staff who work at the Wabash Valley Correctional Facility (WVCF).  As a gesture of thanks, leadership at the WVCF arranged a special treat of ice cream sundaes for the dedicated staff at the facility.

Staff Committee Member Thomas Wellington Scooping Ice Cream

“There’s no amount of money we can give our staff in recognition of their work over the past several months”, said Acting Warden Frank Littlejohn. “But we can, and do, take time to express our thanks for their dedication to each other, as well as to the offenders, to maintain a safe and efficient facility.” Littlejohn continued, “Normally we would have had a gathering of staff during our Employee Appreciation Week, but that wasn’t possible the result of the pandemic; so we’ve found other ways to demonstrate our genuine appreciation, like this ice cream sundae event.”  Littlejohn concluded, “Along with our dedicated staff, it also takes cooperation from the offenders here at Wabash Valley.  Sacrifices have been made by everyone, staff and offender alike, and we all look forward to being able to return to more normal operations.”

Correctional Officer Katherine Runyon with her sundae

Like other public safety professionals, the majority of the people who work at the Indiana Department of Correction Wabash Valley Correctional Facility are essential employees who have continued to report to duty through the entirety of the still on-going pandemic.  Citizens of Indiana can rest assured staff will continue doing their part to maintain a safe facility for the offenders, the community and their co-workers.

The ice cream sundaes that were given out this week were appreciated by the staff.