4-H Youth Offer Advice And Reflect On This Year’s Fair

(LAWRENCE COUNTY) – The 2020 Lawrence County 4-H fair was an event absent of the typical crowds, food booths, rides, and other things that a traditional fair has to offer.

Dax and Dianelle Baxton with their father at this year’s Lawrence County 4-H Fair where face masks were required.

Despite all of those things missing, 4-H youth were still able to show the results of their hard work from the past year. On display was the commitment, pride, and enthusiasm following the adverse challenges they faced during the last few months.

Audio: Dianelle Bastin comments on this year’s 4-H fair
Audio: Lawrence County 4-H Fair Queen Victoria Cain comments on this year’s 4-H fair

All of the 4-H youth saw their projects and animal shows to completion, never giving up no matter the situation life put them in this season.

The biggest thing at this year’s fair were the smiles and degree of detail that the youth put into making sure their animal or project was the best it could be regardless of receiving a ribbon for their efforts.

Audio: Sarah Boaz comments on this year’s 4-H fair

Lawrence County 4-H has something to offer everyone, and is able to provide youth with activities that can bring them success later in life just by being a part of these programs.

Audio: Katie Sons comments on this year’s 4-H fair

In our final story on this year’s 4-H Fair we would just like to be able to let you see some of the pictures of this years fair and congratulate all of Lawrence County 4-H members on a job well done.

Brogan Cochran, Bedford, Champion-Mediterranean with his chicken ‘Poopsie’. Brogan noted that his great grand-mother Vernice Ritter was a 4-Her