Lawrence County 4-H Youth’s Hard Work On Display At Fair

(LAWRENCE COUNTY) – It is not all fun and games for Lawrence County’s 4-H youth. They spend a great deal of time throughout the year on their projects and animals.

Nathan Brown, of Orleans, has been in 4-H for three years

The youth really do love what they do despite the long hours of preparing for the showing of and competing with their animals.

On to the show arena.

The youth prepare the barns by keeping their livestock fed and make sure they are cared for. The youth also spend a lot of time learning about the animal itself. This includes general knowledge of the animal as well as its anatomy.

A judge looks over an entry

During fair week you can see the pride, skill, and overall sense of accomplishment in seeing a project though.

This Thursday, the cattle were shown with 4-Hers making sure all the details were taken care of in order to win a ribbon.

Braxton Griffin (left) and Jackson Baker (right) with their animals

Even though this fair has been different than years past, all 4-H members have rose to the occasion and displayed the leadership required in an ever changing world.

1340 AM WBIW, 105.5 WQRK, and Litefm 102.5 are proud of all the hard work our future leaders have put into their 4-H projects this year.