Claude Akins Memorial Golf Classic Canceled

(BEDFORD) – After much discussion and collaboration between the Board Members of the Bedford Recreation Foundation, they believe it is in the best interest of the organization, volunteers and participants that the 2020 Claude Akins Memorial Golf Classic be canceled.

The event was originally scheduled for Labor Day Weekend, September 5-6, 2020.

This decision was made after reviewing the status of the surrounding community events and guidelines from Back on Track established as part of the Governor’s Executive Order.

“As with other events, it was agreed that we were facing issues with maintaining social distancing, the ability to sanitize restroom facilities, concerns with food and beverage distribution, obtaining and keeping volunteers, as well as, other concerns,” said Tom Elliott, President of Bedford Recreation Foundation. “In addition, this tournament provides prizes and contests on every hole including the putting green which requires signing and handling tickets, etc., the inability to properly sanitize would require the tournament to scrap most of these traditional rewards for participants.”

Last year on Labor Day Weekend 648 family and friends came together to play golf at Otis Park but, more importantly, to enjoy being with each other, having fun and celebrating the community; that’s what makes this tournament special.

Unfortunately, at the current time, this is a concern and discouraged by most health care professionals.

“Not unlike any other year, safety is always a primary concern, however, this year poses additional risks and we certainly do not want to create a situation with a known health hazard that may have the potential of making people sick or worse,” added Elliott. “Nobody can 100% assure that some individuals will not have a bad outcome or an unknown long term effect. If you’re young and healthy you may not be concerned about a bad outcome, however, asymptomatic spread also presents a problem due to how contagious this virus is.”

It’s an unfortunate time for many – if not most events. The Board discussed cutting the tournament to one round per day with 18 – 20 teams each day, but that would cut out hundreds of players who traditionally play each year – and that would upset a lot of people – which is the last thing the board wanted to do.

“I assure you the decision was not taken lightly and we are disappointed as well, however, the Bedford Recreation Foundation Board members unanimously agreed this is in the best interest of our community and event,” Elliott said.

The Claude Akins Memorial Golf Classic will return Labor Day Weekend, September 4-5, 2021.