Bedford And Mitchell Celebrate Independence Day With Fireworks

(LAWRENCE COUNTY) – Both Bedford and Mitchell celebrated Independence Day with firework displays.

Both Bedford and Mitchell celebrated Independence Day.

Much of 2020 has been a year with most public events being scrubbed, but the mayor’s from both Bedford and Mitchell gave a green light to celebrate our nation’s freedom with a big bang.

Many families commented on how they were glad to be able to come out and enjoy the spectacle of fireworks which did not disappoint.

Spectators gathered at Lehigh Field to watch Friday night’s spectacular display of fireworks.

Mitchell kicked off the celebration with their fireworks on Friday evening at Lehigh Field.

The start of the Mitchell fireworks was delayed after a 3-year-old was injured after falling into a fire. Event organizers held off for almost 30 to 40 minutes to get Air-Evac into a near-by landing zone, and the burn victim transported to a burn center.

The next night, Bedford put on their display of fireworks, with the crowds taking in the beautiful sounds and colors of a well orechstrated event.

Families enjoy an evening of fireworks in Bedford Saturday night.

Bedford fireworks were held at Wilson Park this year. The area was chosen to keep with social distancing practices and keep the public safe.

Finales of both displays were amazing with Bedford’s final arrangement of fireworks lasting almost two minutes.