Kirkwood Maintenance Complete, East Third Street Construction Continues In Bloomington

(BLOOMINGTON) – This summer the City of Bloomington continues to advance projects enhancing safety, transportation, economic vitality, and quality of life.

Improvements to city streets, parking facilities, and bicycle/pedestrian infrastructure are among the essential activities permitted to proceed by state and local regulations and in compliance with current public health guidelines.

Several projects have been able to proceed more quickly and cause less disruption and inconvenience than with normal levels of traffic.

City employees are practicing and working with contractors to implement CDC protocols regarding physical distancing, hygiene, and disinfection of vehicles and equipment to protect workers engaged in these projects and prevent community transmission of COVID-19.   

Kirkwood Maintenance:  

Construction is substantially completed. New bollards were installed for the first time this past weekend allowing for pedestrian-only use from Indiana to Grant.

Concrete & Paving

The 2020 paving and concrete/curb repair season continues with milling and paving work all week on East Brighton Avenue from South Christopher Drive to South Meadowbrook Drive. This year’s proposed paving schedule is mapped at this link

Sidewalk repairs will continue along Grimes Lane from South Walnut Street to South Henderson Street, installing Americans with Disabilities Act-compliant accessibility ramps and repairing failed and broken curbs. 

Trades District and Fourth Street Garages 

Progress continues on the City’s two garage projects at the Trades District and on Fourth Street. Work on the garage that will serve the City’s new innovation district proceeds on budget and on schedule, with work to prepare the site, construct the foundation, and install utilities currently underway. The Trades District garage site is located just south of West Tenth Street between the Showers City Hall building and the B-Line Trail. Tenth Street will be closed east of the construction site during the month of June. 

The Fourth Street Garage project also continues to progress according to plan. Bids to construct foundation piers, site work, and elevators have been received and have been approved on Monday, June 15th. The second bid package for the remainder of construction has been received and is under review, with the expectation for City approval in early July. 

East Third Street Resurfacing/Reconfiguration Project  

The Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) is currently paving a 1.4-mile section of East Third Street between College Mall Road and State Road 446 as part of a resurfacing/ reconfiguration project. This week contractor E&B will be completing the installation of the final road surface from College Mall Rd. to S.R. 446. Pavement markings, including the new bike lanes and center turn lanes, will be completed next week once all pavement has been installed on both main lines and approaches. 

 The project is scheduled to be completed by August 2020.  More information about the project is available through INDOT at or 1-855-463-6848. 

More information about current City-led infrastructure projects is available here. Drivers are asked to travel slowly, cautiously, and distraction-free through every construction zone and are attentive to lane changes for their safety and that of the workers.