Lawrence County Council Approves Hiring For Several County Offices

(BEDFORD) – The Lawrence County Council approved a new hire request from several different departments during their meeting Tuesday evening.

The Lawrence County Council members met together the first time since COVID-19 hit. Some members previously used Zoom during the COVID-19 pandemic to conduct business. Pictured – Scott Smith (left) and David Flinn (right) listen to transfer requests.
  • Lawrence County Clerk Billie Tumey received permission to hire a part-time employee in the clerks office following the retirement of an employee. The position will be for 2 days a week. The employee will earn $75 a day.
  • Public Defender Bruce Andis received permission to hire two full-time and two part-time attorneys.
  • Lawrence County Sheriff Mike Branham received permission to hire two correctional officers and a dispatcher to fill vacancies. These positions were are already budgeted.
  • Judge Nathan Nikirk received permission to hire a CASA office manager.

The following budget transfers and appropriations were approved:

  • Mary Kinser – Lawrence County Health Nurse – Immunization Grant of $85,493.92, Pubic Health Emergency Grant of $34,800 and $2,905 respectively.
  • Bruce Andis – Public Defender – $20,000.
  • Sam Arp – Prosecutor’s Office – $6,078
  • Jody Edwards – Lawrence County – $2,000
  • David Holmes – MVH restricted fund of $51,066,12 and Bridge Fund of $3,760.

Most appropriations were approved without much discussion with the exception of the Public Defender’s Office. There are concerns about the increase in spending. Bruce Andis explained some of those expenses came from a high number of appeal cases.

“We usually have a law firm in Indianapolis handle those cases. The reason being it will put an increased workload on our office, that is already busy,” said Andis.

“Even so this is concerning, I do not know what the solution is, but is something that we are aware of,” said David Flinn, Lawrence County Council President.

Joe Timbrook of Lawrence County Economic Growth Council provided an update on the Skill-Up Grant that is now complete. He also discussed the Justice-Involved programs at the North Lawrence Career Center that will begin in July. The Lawrence County Council members conveyed their appreciation of the Growth Council and the efforts of the many other businesses or organizations involved.

Deputy Prosecutor Bob Cline provided the council information in trying to find other revenue for extradition and sheriff retirement. The effort is being made to keep taxpayers from paying for extraditions.

Cline also reports that eight inmates were transferred to the Transitions Program.

“I do not have exact numbers this evening because of other things we’re working on right now, but success continues in the program,” Cline reported.

Also, Cline reports the hiring of Jeremy Weedle of Oolitic as a new attorney for the Prosecutor’s office.

Chase Sears

Chase Sears, a Mitchell High School Senior, led the pledge at the opening of the Lawrence County Council meeting Tuesday evening. Chase is earning his Communication Badge for Boy Scout Troop 348. Upon graduating he plans to study electronics at Ivy Tech in Bloomington.