DOR Publishes 2020 Legislative Synopsis Online

(INDIANAPOLIS) – The Indiana Department of Revenue (DOR) published the 2020 Legislative Synopsis today, which summarizes more than 80 legislative tax updates impacting DOR from the 2020 Indiana General Assembly.

DOR Commissioner Bob Grennes

“Each year, DOR assists the Indiana General Assembly in developing fair and effective tax laws which provide the necessary revenue to fund essential services provided to all Hoosiers. This year’s synopsis showcases the important work that was completed during this year’s legislative session,” stated DOR Commissioner Bob Grennes.

The Synopsis is a valuable resource for tax practitioners, attorneys, businesses, and anyone with interest in staying up-to-date on changes to Indiana tax laws, ranging from technical corrections on existing policies to more substantial changes.

The Synopsis can be found online on DOR’s website at under the “Legislative Summaries” tab.