City Of Bedford Working On Creating Noise Ordinance

(BEDFORD) – The City of Bedford is working on creating a noise ordinance and working on the grass and weed ordinance.

The City of Bedford currently does not have a noise ordinance and Mayor Sam Craig says that needs to change.

Bedford Mayor Sam Craig

“This is something that has been talked about even when I was a city police officer,” said Craig.

Audio: Mayor Sam Craig explains the proposed noise ordinance

The city receives several calls about noise whether it be from loud music or construction work that occurs throughout the city.

A lot of information goes into creating an ordinance, and the mayor hopes to have the proposal ready for the city council to review soon.

The city is also working on improving the grass and weed ordinance. The city fielded 22 complaints last month in regards to grass and weeds.

Audio: Mayor Craig comments on improving grass/weed ordinance

One of the changes being proposed to the grass ordinance includes hiring out private lawn care businesses to mow the neglected yards and areas in order to free up city employees from this task.

Audio: Lawn care companies will be hired to mow the grass on neglected properties in the City of Bedford.

The city will investigate all complaints and the property owner will be sent a letter from the city if their lawn needs addressing. The property owners will be given a period of ten days to correct the issue. Mayor Craig says most property owners take care of the issue once learning of the complaint.

If the property owner fails to address the issue, the city mows the property and a lien is placed on the property to recover the cost.

The final ordinance city officials are addressing will require construction companies cutting pavement to repave the streets and replace the concrete once their project is finished. A time frame will be established for this to be completed.

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