Jill Behrman’s Convicted Killer To Be Released On House Arrest Pending Appeal

(MORGAN CO.) – On Sunday, May 31, Indiana University student Jill Behrman disappeared while riding her bike.

Jill Behrman

In March of 2003 her remains were found by a hunter in Morgan County. She was killed by a contact shotgun wound to the back of her head.

John Myers II

John Myers II was convicted of killing Behrman and was sentenced to 65 years in prison.

He will now be released from prison while he appeals his conviction.

On Friday, Judge James R. Sweeney granted Myers’ petition for release during his appeal.

The state had 120 days from the date of the ruling last fall to vacate Myers’ conviction to decide to retry Myers. According to Judge Sweeney’s ruling, the state did not show that the State will be irreparably harmed by Mr. Myers’s release or that the public interest lies in favor of his continued incarceration pending appeal.

Meyer will be released on house arrest on June 15. He will live with his mother while he waits for a decision on an appeal in his murder case. That decision could take between two to six months.

A U.S. district court judge says Myers got ineffective counsel from his attorney during the 2006 trial.