IHCDA, Purdue Center For Regional Development Request Your Feedback

(UNDATED) – The Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority (IHCDA), in collaboration with the Purdue Center for Regional Development, request your feedback in regards to the issues COVID-19 has generated for your organization and your clients. As part of the Lt. Governor’s Rural Road to Recovery Plan, we are investigating key factors that will affect rural recovery pursuant to IHCDA’s vision of “an Indiana with a sustainable quality of life for Hoosiers in the community of their choice.” 

IHCDA has previously solicited feedback and identified the many challenges and opportunities through listening sessions over the past several months. IHCDA continues to value the input of partners and seeks additional insight into these challenges and potential opportunities for a successful recovery.

IHCDA and the Purdue Center for Regional Development appreciate your valuable time and attention in completing this survey and providing critical feedback. Your participation and responses to this survey are voluntary and confidential. Please complete the survey by June 8, 2020.

To take the survey click here.