Washington County Fair Scheduled for July 5-10, Strict Guidelines Expected

(SALEM) – The Washington County 4-H Council and the Washington County Purdue Extension Office have decided to hold an in-person fair at the Washington County Fairgrounds July 5-10. 

The fair was scheduled for June 13-20 but was canceled due to COVID-19. 

There will be no rides, no vendors, and no commercial exhibits and no open class entries and it will depend on if Governor Eric Holcomb has moved Indiana to Stage 5 by July 4.

If not the fair will be held virtually.

If the fair goes forward the public needs to be aware there will be a lot of guidelines to follow.

The animals will come to the fairgrounds in the morning and 4-H members will prepare for the show. The show will be that afternoon or evening and then the animals will leave the fairgrounds.

“I don’t want to sound rude in saying this, but this isn’t a public-type event,” said Megan Broughton, Washington County Purdue Extension Educator. “We want friends and families to come and watch the kids… but there are a lot of guidelines we must follow and the more people that attend, the harder it will be for us to follow these guidelines. We literally have to track every single person that comes to the fairgrounds.”

Everyone’s temperature will be taken and their names recorded for the health department. Everyone will be required to wear masks and abide by the six-foot social distancing rule. 

There will be an auction on Friday, July 10. It will be a premium-only auction. They won’t be buying the animal because all of the locker plants are full and they are not taking appointments.