Indiana Women’s Prison Recognizes Staff During COVID-19

(INDIANAPOLIS) – Warden Laurie Johnson took the time to recognize staff for their continued efforts towards adapting to the needs of the facility, staff, and offender population to ensure COVID-19 recommendations, guidelines, and state directives are followed.

Warden Johnson commented, “You have come to work day-after-day putting yourself at risk to ensure safety, sanitation, and offender needs are being met while taking on ‘other duties as assigned’ and making things happen. I thank you for your dedication, your work ethic, and integrity you have displayed . . . you all are the best!, Again, thank you for what you do and be encouraged!”

Warden Johnson provided lunch for all Indiana Women’s Prison staff and contract partners as a token of her appreciation.

Correctional Lieutenant Owens and Correctional Officer Burgos helping to pass out lunch to staff. Program Director Mary Saegesser, Program Coordinator Carol Foster, and Correctional Caseworker Hope De Kruyf assist with other non-custody staff to ensure lunch for the offenders.