Girl Scouts Unveil New Civil Rights Patch

(UNDATED) – Girl Scouts across Indiana can earn a brand new Civil Rights Patch.

Part of the organization’s mission includes building courage, confidence, and character. They said the curriculum to earn this patch will do that.

The Indiana Civil Rights Commission developed the curriculum that’ll be used for girls to earn the patch. They unveiled the new patch on May 1. So far more than 200 girls have started the curriculum and more are quickly joining.

The commission created the curriculum as a way to eradicate discrimination while educating girls about civil rights, and it’s broken down so girls in different age ranges can relate and involve education and hands-on learning.


Complete the following number of activities for each age level, including at least one from each category:

  • Brownies complete 5 activities
  • Juniors and Cadettes complete 9 activities
  • Seniors and Ambassadors complete 12 activities

“When you think about what it means to be a leader that’s where we really want to spend our time,” said Danielle Shockey, CEO of The Girl Scouts of Central Indiana. “So this kind of content helps them think bigger than themselves.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the curriculum is online along with a video to help guide girls through it.

“So, our goal with this was not only to educate these Girl Scouts on civil rights and discrimination, but we also wanted to teach them how to educate others,” said Mackenzie Holden, communications manager with The Indiana Civil Rights Commission.