Employees Of The Year Recognized At Wabash Valley Correctional Facility

(CARLISLE) – Wabash Valley Correctional Facility (WVCF) invites the community to celebrate the accomplishments of our Employees of the Year.  In years past the Indiana Department of Correction (IDOC) has celebrated National Correctional Officer and Employees’ Week the first full week of May.  While the pandemic altered plans to recognize our staff, their accomplishments are still worthy of celebration. 

Officer Timothy Leffler received the 2020 Rookie of the Year award. 

Officer Timothy Leffler

He began working at WVCF as a Correctional Officer in 2018.  Since that time he has demonstrated a high level of professionalism, as well as a positive attitude. He has shown the ability to communicate effectively with both staff and offenders, utilizing his de-escalation skills to ensure the safety of all. In addition, he has responded to several incidents in the Special Needs Unit (SNU) and also serves on WVCF’s Emergency Squad.

Officer Caleb Manley received the 2020 Officer of the Year award. 

Officer Caleb Manley

 He began working at WVCF as a Correctional Officer in 2015.  Since that time he has worked in several different areas in the Secure Confinement Unit (SCU), proving that he is dependable, knowledgeable, and requires very little supervision. He has shown a positive attitude and demonstrates a willingness to make decisions before they become a problem.  In addition, he has served as a primary trip officer and currently serves as a backup clothing officer.

Correctional Lieutenant Scott Fischer received the 2020 Supervisor of the Year award.

Correctional Lieutenant Scott Fischer

  He began working at WVCF as a correctional officer in 1999.  Since that time he has worked his way up through the custody ranks, being promoted to Correctional Sergeant in 2003, then Correctional Lieutenant in 2015.  As a supervisor he has made his self accessible to his staff, helping to groom them as correctional professionals. In addition, he utilizes his communication skills to resolve issues at the lowest level to ensure that the goals of the Facility are met.

Maintenance Supervisor Terry Smith received the 2020 Employee of the Year award.

Maintenance Supervisor Terry Smith

  He began working at WVCF as a Maintenance Foreman in 2018. Since that time he has used his electrical and supervisory experience to perform his duties above and beyond what was expected.  He has taken on stressful challenges, while maintaining a positive attitude.  In addition, he has displayed a high level of integrity by being firm, fair and consistent with staff as they work to complete tasks in a timely manner, never expecting others to do work that he would not do his self.


President Reagan declared National Correctional Officer and Employees’ Week in 1984.  Since that time, the first full week in May has been set aside each year to recognize the hard work, bravery, and sacrifice of those in the correctional profession.  Traditionally the week starts on Sunday, May 3rd with the sharing of the Governor’s Proclamation announcing Correctional Professionals’ Week.  Those that have lost their lives in the line of duty and those that have served in corrections with honor and distinction are recognized during the week. In addition, the week is filled with fun team-building events, including pitch-ins.