Local Emergency Agencies Spread Joy With Parades

(BEDFORD) – During the COVID-19 pandemic, birthday parades have become a common way to celebrate the people we love.

Local emergency agencies have taken part in these events to bring some joy to local youth while having to deal with social distancing and not being able to see relatives in person.

Lawrence County Police Department leads a birthday parade for Charli Guthrie Thursday evening.

On Thursday evening, Lawrence County Sheriff’s Deputy Lonnie Johnson, Bedford Fire Department, and friends and family of Charli Guthrie lined up at the Lawrence County Square and made their way to Charli’s home on the south side of Bedford.

A string of cars greet Charli Guthrie to wish her happy birthday on Thursday night

Charli was showered with gifts and well wishes as her family stood along and watched as the Lawrence County Police Department lead the group pass the front of her home.

Charli is a student at Lincoln Elementary School and was all smiles as everyone drove by wishing her a happy birthday.

Charli turned 7 years old and is a student at Lincoln Elementary School

Several area counties are also participating in birthday parades. This is just one of the many ways emergency workers have tried to serve the public during this difficult time.