Lawrence County Republican Party Candidates Forum Scheduled For May 21

(BEDFORD) – A Lawrence County Republican Party Candidates Forum is scheduled for May 21.

Due to COVID-19, the forum will be held virtually.

Those participating in the event include the following candidates:

  • Lawrence County Superior Court II – Bob Cline and Kirsten Collier
  • Commissioner District 3 – Gene McCracken and Wally Branham
  • Auditor – Penny Cobb, Jessica Staggs, and Paula Stewart
  • Treasurer – Jody Edwards and Rebecca McCracken
  • Council At-Large – Rick Butterfield, Julie Blackwell Chase, Jim Edwards, Robert Herr, Gerald “Jerry” Hill, James Howell, Morgan W. Lee, Julie Johnson Hewetson, Bill Matthews

The forum will be streamed live on and on our Facebook page.

The purpose of the format is to offer Republican candidates the opportunity to express and discuss their positions and views on matters of importance in the upcoming Primary Election.

Krystal Shetler, a reporter for the Times Mail newspaper; and Sean Duncan, radio personality of Super Oldies 105.5 WQRK; will moderate a question and answer session beginning at 5:30 p.m.

This event is intended to present the opportunity for Republican candidates to introduce themselves and to present their ideas for the office each is seeking. This event is not intended to be a back and forth, “gotcha moment” style debate.

While some questions and answers may draw out differences in
point of view, this is not intended to be a confrontation style debate.

Each candidate will be given 3 minutes for opening statements. A random order will be chosen prior to the start of the event by each candidate selecting a number out of a hat. A timer will be provided to keep track of the time used and to provide notice to speakers of time limits.

The moderators will ask prepared questions of each candidate, and each candidate will have 2 minutes to answer each question.

The candidates will receive the list of questions 7 days in advance
of the forum.

The public will submit a limited number of questions, which, if selected, will be read to the candidates by one of the moderators. Each candidate will be given 2 minutes to answer. These questions will be submitted on index cards and vetted before being read to the candidates. The questions must be relevant to the discussion. Because these questions are submitted at the event, the candidates will have no prior knowledge of the questions

In the end, each candidate will be given 3 minutes to make a closing statement.