Orange County Says “Thank You” To Paoli’s Healthcare Workers

(PAOLI) – The Orange County community turned out Tuesday night at Paoli Health and Living Community and IU Paoli Hospital to say “Thank You” for all their hard work and dedication.

Paoli Fire Department and Law Enforcement says ” Thank you” to Health Care Workers in Paoli

Around 9 p.m. law enforcement officers from Paoli, French Lick, West Baden, and Orange County Sheriff’s Department led the way for the Paoli Fire Department to show appreciation to those on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Several residents from the community lined their vehicles across the street from Paoli Health and Living Community to show appreciation to employees and all the hard work they put into taking care of residents in the facility.

Residents from Paoli say ” Thank You” for your hard work to health care workers.

“Our prayers go out to for the nursing home, for the workers and the ones that are living there. And I hope everyone takes this very seriously,” said Paoli Town Councilmember Danny Hickman.

Audio: Comments from Paoli Town Councilmember Danny Hickman
Ash Kidd and Haddley Simpson watch the Law Enforcement Officers and Fire Department go by Paoli Health and Living Center.

“We have a lot of support from our community, especially from our fire department and police department. But, not only from Paoli, but French Lick and surrounding communities,” said Marquetta Motsinger, Administrator of Paoli Health and Living Community.

Audio: Marquetta Motsinger, Administrator of Paoli Health & Living Community

“It is rough right now, but it makes us feel like we do not have so much on our shoulders, thanks to the support from the police, fire, hospital, and from the whole community. We are blessed here, from people who called and brought donations and the staff food. We take care of very special people in our facility,” Motsinger added.

Dr. Leon Lopez, Medical Director of the facility, is not working as a doctor this week but as a certified nursing assistant.

“I am yours for the next five days; you tell me what you need,” Dr. Lopez told the staff.

“From then on, Dr. Lopez made sure residents were bathed, fed, and any other task that needed to be done. So far, he has put in several hours just in the first couple days of volunteering his time,” said, Beth Cattoi Paoli Health and Living Comunity. “That is really, living up to your oath.”

Dr. Lopez is a physician in Orleans and serves as the medical director of Paoli Health and Living Community.

Emergency personnel made their way to IU Paoli Hospital to say ” Thank you” to the workers there.

After visiting the nursing home emergency department vehicles moved across the street to IU Hospital Paoli Hospital to show their support to the staff who have been on the front lines of this pandemic.