Leah Arrington Recognized As IDOC Silent Hero

(EDINBURG) – Although they don’t seek out recognition or accolades, they are the people behind the scenes who help the Indiana Department of Correction (IDOC) operate. Unit Team Manager, Leah Arrington, was recognized as a Silent Hero at the Edinburgh Correctional Facility.

Leah Arrington

What defines someone as being a Silent Hero? They are the members of the team who provide support and work behind the scenes to get things done. They are the quiet workhorses who don’t complain, but who rarely appear in the spotlight. These teammates often get overlooked because they care more about their work than their ego. And they make things happen without fanfare or expectation of reward.

Since COVID-19 outbreak, Leah has been instrumental in organizing a group of offenders that have made over 1,000 protective masks for the population at Edinburgh and donated 300 masks to the Reception Diagnostic Center for the offender population. Leah and her team came in early on weekends to assist making and delivering meals for the offender population and supporting custody staff wherever needed. 

During this time of crisis, the IDOC knows it is important to recognize its hardworking staff, especially those who are the true backbone of the Department. Members of the Staff Development and Training Division along with the person who nominated the individuals presented a Commissioner’s Coin and a certificate to each honoree.