Plainfield Correctional Facility Recognizes A Silent Hero

(PLAINFIELD) – The staff at the Plainfield Correctional Facility are very pleased to recognize Ms. Chassity Plummer-Long as a true Silent Hero.

Ms. Plummer-Long, Health Services Administrator for the facility is on the front lines working hard every day to combat the effects of the COVID-19 on our offender population. Chassity has worked tirelessly to assist in containing the virus and in the treatment of those offenders who have contracted it. Chassity has stayed focused and has made quick decisions,  skillfully directing her staff in order to minimize the effects of the virus on the offender population.

Chassity has diligently moved forward every day, while not second-guessing herself, which is a true reflection of her confidence, leadership qualities, and knowledge. We salute Chassity for her commitment and the work that she is doing on behalf of Plainfield Correctional Facility.

Stanley Knight, Warden at Plainfield Correctional Facility commented, “I am proud of Chassity’s dedication and willingness to lead our medical team during this very challenging time.”