Indiana Trivia: How Well Do You Know The Hoosier State?

(UNDATED) – How well do you know the Hoosier State? This Indiana Trivia quiz should challenge even the smartest of Hoosiers.

Indiana Trivia

Think you can answer all 25 questions correctly?

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Do you know Indiana’s state bird, state tree, or state flower? Click here for Indiana’s State Emblems and Symbols.

You might know Abraham Lincoln was a Hoosier, but do you know all 63 on Visit Indiana’s list of famous Indiana natives/residents? Click here for a list of Famous Hoosiers.

Eastern Time, Central Time, Daylight Savings. It can all get a little confusing. Did you know Indiana has multiple Time Zones?

Want to impress people with your Hoosier knowledge? Looking for something to Tweet about? Visit Indiana hope you enjoy these little nuggets about Indiana. Click here for Fun Facts about Indiana.

Visit Indiana is not the only source of Indiana facts and information. Click here for More Indiana Trivia, from the Indiana Department of Natural Resources.

Information from Josh Alsip  of Visit Indiana