High School Seniors Encouraged To Journal – Free Journals Available At Boys & Girls Club of Lawrence County

(BEDFORD) – The Boys & Girls Club of Lawrence County, Times-Mail columnist Bob Bridge, Bedford Walmart, and Katy Key are providing free journals for Bedford North Lawrence High School seniors to journal about their senior year and how COVID-19 has effected it.

“The Class of 2020 has had many special moments taken from them. Journaling can be as simple as writing your goals down, writing something you want to remember down, writing what is on your mind down,” said Jim Sowders, who made sure the seniors receive journals. “Sure you could type it on a computer, but the simple act of transferring the thoughts on your mind to a piece of paper does something magical. These are unprecedented times and who better to document how they are affecting the Class of 2020, than the Class of 2020.”

The journals can be a place to write poetry, songs, do drawings, or share deep thoughts or funny incidents.

Sowders says journaling is also an effective way of relieving stress and anxiety as well as provide a creative outlet, not to mention a way to document how life has changed for these seniors.

“Don’t want anyone else to see it? That’s okay too; this journal is for you, the graduate of 2020,” said Sowders. “Of course, if you would like to share it please do, Bob Bridge has some ideas about that.”

The journals are free to high school seniors and can be picked up at the Boys and Girls Club of Lawrence County between 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. A Mitchell location will be announced soon.

“Also, I think all of us should start a journal; I know I have,” Sowders said. “It is a great release not only for anxiety, anger, fear but also comedy, inspiration, and creativity. Who knows, maybe 20 years from now a required reading maybe ‘The diary of ____ a Lawrence County senior, class of 2020.'”

If a high school senior can not reach these locations, send an email to j.sowders@comcast.net or call 812-275-6155 and one will be provided.