MetroNet Creates Free Wi-Fi Hotspot At Kessler Park To Serve Seymour Families Without Internet Access

(SEYMOUR) – MetroNet is installing unrestricted Wi-Fi hotspots in many of the markets it serves, including Kessler Park in Seymour, located at 800 East Brown Street.

The hotspot will be operational beginning today and will operate 24 hours a day for short-term use by anyone in urgent need of internet access.

The service is available to anyone, including non-MetroNet customers, by parking in the park. Users are advised to following public health guidelines and maintain physical distance from others while using the free internet access.

To access this free Wi-Fi hotspot, users will need to join the MetroNetFree network once they are parked near the storefront. The password is MetroNet. 

The hotspots are powered by the same equipment that powers MetroNet’s WholeHome Wi-Fi service in customer homes. The technology extends Wi-Fi signals in a mesh network to provide consistent signal strength throughout a household.