IU Making Briscoe Quadrangle Available to Health Care Workers

(BLOOMINGTON) – Indiana University is making Briscoe Quadrangle on the Bloomington campus available for health care workers in response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Briscoe Quadrangle on the Bloomington campus

Medical workers will be able to rest between shifts. A separate space in Briscoe will be prepared, if needed, for health care workers who have been potentially exposed to the virus and need to be quarantined.

This will allow them to do so without going home and putting their family members at risk, said IU spokesman Chuck Carney.

All of the student’s belongings that remain in Briscoe rooms will be packed up this week by Soft Touch Moving and moved to Eigenmann Hall. Essential items like passports and medication will then be shipped to students after they fill out a form from the university requesting the items.

Briscoe will then be thoroughly cleaned and opened to health care workers next week. IU Health will facilitate medical workers’ use of Briscoe.

“It is our civic duty to protect the people in our community during this global pandemic and statewide emergency,” according to the email from IU.