Dinky’s Auction Center Open To Limited Number Of Buyers

(MONTGOMERY) – The Daviess County Sheriff’s Office is addressing concerns raised by residents about Friday night’s auction at Dinky’s Auction Center.

The department says it was a livestock only auction which is allowed under Governor Eric Holcomb’s Executive Order 20-08.

The auction house was open to only registered buyers and with minimal staff in attendance.

All those attending entered through a single-entry point to one building. All other buildings were closed.

The Daviess County Health Department was also on-site monitoring the situation and will be there on future sales to monitor and screen the 11 people who entering and control the number of people entering the facility.

Each person used hand sanitizer before they entered, and sanitizer was available throughout the arena area.

Social distancing was adhered to in the arena area.

The Sheriff’s Department says the auctions are an essential part of the food supply chain and will continue under Daviess County’s stipulations until the Governor’s orders change.