Do Your Civic Duty – Complete the 2020 Census

(UNDATED) – The U.S. Census is a self-response survey. This means that, the American public, are responsible for the data individuals submit about themselves.

The census is taken only once every decade. It’s important that Hoosiers participate because it makes a real difference in their communities, said Lawrence County Commissioner Rodney Fish.

The census takes a once-in-a-decade snapshot of your household data as of April 1 and uses it to create a demographic point as part of the larger picture of the social make-up of the United States.

Census data drives dollars for education, housing, health, public safety, and more. It shapes Indiana’s future.

The data collected by the Census Bureau impacts how officials respond to pandemics like the current one.

Census data is kept anonymous; this way, officials can’t know what your neighbors answered on the census, but the data can still be used to make important decisions about your neighborhoods.

When individuals neglect filling it out, an enumerator can visit your home to help you complete it.

The 2020 Census field operations will still send out enumerators, but because of COVID-19, residents have an extra four weeks to fill out the census on their own.

You can complete the census safely from your own home online at or by phone at 1-844-330-2020.

Please visit the Census in Indiana website for updates and outreach resources for your communities, home-based and online.

If you have questions about the 2020 Census or need assistance with 2020 Census outreach, contact the Indiana State Data Center.