Elder Justice Initiative Resources Available

(UNDATED) – The Elder Justice Initiative, a part of the United States Department of Justice, is dedicated to keeping the elderly safe from different forms of abuse.

These forms of abuse include physical abuse, psychological abuse, financial exploitation, neglect and abandonment, and sexual abuse. On the Department of Justice website, each of these topics has three informational sections.

The first section uses stories to describe what each type of abuse can look like and how it can affect the victim; the second section lists the red flags people should look out for to protect the potential victim, and the third section lets people know what resources are available.

Not only are these resources available for the victim, but they are also available to anyone who has seen the red flags.

A separate section of the website also has additional information about financial exploitation. The specific topics under this area include alerts about senior scams, such as social security administrator impostor scams, tech support scams, lottery scams, IRS imposter scams, and romance scams. There is also a federal resources roadmap. Each of these specific topics details how the scammers work to get the victim to comply and hand over their money or social security information. Using this information, the potential victim, or people who care for them, can either prevent or stop the scammer.