IU Will Pay Employees for Remainder of Semester

(BLOOMINGTON) – Indiana University President Michael McRobbie in an email Monday to employees told them they would be paid and continue to receive health benefits for the remainder of the semester.

McRobbie said employees are expected to continue working either remotely or on campus if necessary, but employees whose supervisors decide they are unable to work as a result of the CONVID-19 pandemic will continue to receive their “full normal pay.”

Employees, including student employees, will not be required to use any sick time, vacation or paid time off.

Hourly employees who are determined to be essential and required to work on campus will receive a time-and-a-half pay premium when working on campus.

McRobbie said these policies will continue until either the normal end of an employees’ employment, the end of the COVID-19 situation or through the end of the academic year which ends on June 30, 2020.

The situation will be reassessed if the pandemic continues.