Taxpayers Urged to Use Extensions to Avoid Exposure to Coronavirus

(UNDATED) – Taxpayers are urged to use extensions to avoid exposure to the coronavirus, said Roger Axe, Director of Greene County Emergency Management Agency.

“Our office is working with Greene County Health Department and other health officials,” said Axe. “We are advising citizens of alternatives to avoid congregation of people and possible exposure to the virus that could occur in tax preparer’s offices during this filing season.”

One alternative is for people to contact their tax preparer and see if they advise filing extensions for their tax returns.

An extension is good until October 15th. An extension is only to file a tax return, not for payments due. The payment of taxes is due with the extension. Failure to pay with the extension will incur penalties and interest. All extensions must be filed by April 15th,

“Again, we encourage citizens to contact their tax preparer, “Axe said.