Boys & Girls Club Set to Celebrate Burning of Mortgage

(BEDFORD) – The Boys & Girls Club of Lawrence County will be bustling with activity this weekend as the club celebrates the burning of their mortgage

Children dropped their spare change into a pig at the Boys & Girls Club of Lawrence County to help pay off their mortgage.

The youth of the Club did their part by dropping their spare change into pink plastic pigs in the Pennies for Payoff “Kiss the Pig” challenge.

Timber Browning Resource Development and Marketing Director at the Boys & Girls Club of Lawrence County

“The goal of creating the challenge was to teach our youth the gift of giving and that every gift, large or small, counts,” said Timber Browning, Resource Development and Marketing Director at the Boys & Girls Club of Lawrence County. “We also wanted them to understand goal setting. One of the biggest goals with this challenge is to empower club members by feeling like they own part of their club.”

Each pig has been assigned to a club employee. The staff with the most money on Friday will have to kiss a pig!

Since the mortgage has been paid in full, the money raised will be applied to the operating budget.

The entire Limestone Unit Staff is represented between the 8 pigs:

  • Cathy Craig (Limestone Unit Director) & Maleah Chaney (Limestone Unit Program Coordinator) are on one pig
  • Frank Decker (CPO), Billy Neal (Athletic Director) & Cole Quyle (Assistant Athletic Director) are on one pig
  • Timber Browning (Resource Development & Marketing Director), Dave Beaver (Director of Operations) & Brandy Cundiff (Bookkeeper) on one pig
  • Gym Staff- Bryce Bower, Emma Terrell, Davis Miller, Ben Barker, Ramsey Girgis on one pig
  • Game Room Staff- Kelton Myers, Meghan Terry, Isaiah Wray, Ramsey Girgis on one pig
  • Art – Maradyn Hardesty & Chef’s Hat- Maleah Perkins on one pig
  • STEM- Aden Morris & Computer Coding Meghan Terry on one pig
  • Homework Staff –  Victoria Perkins, Olivia Johnson,  Emma Norman on one pig

Bill and Kristi Spreen will provide the pig that staff members will have to pucker up and kiss. The kissing of the pig will take place at the Limestone Unit at 4 p.m.  Friday. The public is invited to attend.

As of this morning, the top 3 in the running to kiss the pig are:

  1. Frank Decker, CPO, Billy Neal, Athletic Director & Cole Quyle, Assistant Athletic Director
  2. Cathy Craig, Limestone Unit Director & Maleah Chaney, Program Coordinator
  3. Homework Room- Victoria Perkins, Olivia Johnson, and Emma Norman 

The celebration will continue on Saturday. The public is invited to celebrate by burning the mortgage.

The event will begin at 2 p.m. at the Limestone Unit.

Jim Sowders, who vowed to jump from the roof if the mortgage was paid off, will make a flying leap from the roof of the building around 2:15 p.m.

There will be speakers addressing the crowd and then around 2:40 p.m. the mortgage will go up in flames.

Cupcakes and punch will be provided to help celebrate this monumental achievement.