Animal Response Kits for 18 IU Health Ambulances

(BLOOMINGTON) – The Monroe County Humane Association, with support from College Mall Veterinary Hospital and Switchyard Brewing, are working together to help keep animals in south-central Indiana safer.

By providing Animal Response kits for 18 IU Health ambulances, EMS now has the necessary items to help calm, restrain, and, most importantly, treat those animals requiring dire medical attention immediately on the scene. 

The Animal Response Kit contained in a red heavy-duty toolbox, donated by Switchyard Brewing, features a pet oxygen mask provided by College Mall Veterinary Hospital, include cat food and dog treats, a lead, instructions and materials to muzzle an animal, basic instructions for pet CPR, and a contact list for animal control/management.

The goal of the kits is to provide life-sustaining support to animals at the scene of accidents or other life-threatening emergencies in our community, as well as helping to restrain and calm an animal until their owner or animal control can arrive. 

The benefit of the kits is being able to keep EMS, our community members, and animals in our community healthier and with their families during times of trauma.

These kits will be delivered to IU Health EMS on Monday, March 2.