$4,000 Raised At Fundraiser For Springville Second Grader

(BEDFORD) – The community is praying and supporting for Riley Osmon, also known as “Mr. Awesome”, and his family.

Approximately 250 people attended a fundraising event and donated an estimated $4,000 to support Riley and his family.

“Mr. Awesome” Riley and his family says “Hi” and “Thank you”

Phil O Toole organized the event at Dive Christian Church this past Wednesday evening. Those attending feasted on tacos and donated generously. Wrist bands were also available for a donation to wear and show support for Riley in his fight against leukemia.

The donation only Taco Bar raised more than $4,000 on Wednesday night for the Osmon Family

There were many well-wishers at the event praying for Riley’s return home.

Around 6:30 p.m. Trent Osmon called from Seattle, Washington. Riley has been there since the beginning of February for CART – T treatment. The family shared an update on Riley and thanked the crowd for all their prayers, love and support.

Many young people helped with Wednesday nights fundraiser

While on the phone, Pastor Joe McAdams led a community prayer with Riley and his family.

Riley was able to raise his hand and make the love sign to the group, and his sisters Sophia, and Molly waved.

Judah McAdams takes a bite out of a taco

Pastor Joe McAdams and Youth Pastor Matt Courtney coordinated the fundraiser and the youth group from the church helped serve those attending.

Many signed shirts supporting Trent, Karrie, Riley, Sophia, and Molly Osmon

The family has been posting daily on Riley’s progress. Trent recently posted:

Today is another day of good progress. They have taken out his central line from his leg, his arterial line on his left arm, his IV on his right arm, and his urinary catheter.

They added an access to his port and also his EEG to monitor any potential seizure activity.

Otherwise he is doing quite well considering where he is at.

He is still largely paralyzed. Moving fingers and toes is an accomplishment along with his neck. Leg and arm movements are not quite yet possible without assistance.

It is going to be a very long road. I believe it will be weeks before we get back to a baseline that will allow us to get out of the hospital in an assisted capacity. Time will tell how much of this damage will be permanent.

The hope is that this healing can continue in a body that is cancer-free. So far this is looking possible. His blood and spinal fluid are clear and we anticipate bone marrow results today. Of course, we want it to STAY gone and keeping the CAR-T in his system is crucial. If they dissipate it is likely on to bone marrow transplant and if that happens we would like to be in a much more healthy state.

Stay tuned for further updates and thanks for the prayers and support. It has been truly amazing to be a part of.


Dive Youth Group members Kaleb Garner (front) and Carson Tolle (back) slice tomatoes to help with the fundraiser Wednesday night.

Riley was diagnosed with leukemia when he was two. He has been in the hospital several times during his young life.

Melissa Weaver, Doris Woodward, and Deloris King help get things ready for the fundraiser.