County Drug Treatment Facility Opens In Lawrence County

(BEDFORD) – The Lawrence County Council was updated on a new drug program for some prisoners serving time at the Lawrence County Jail.

Sheriff Mike Branham

Transitions is a drug treatment facility located on 26th and G streets. They help inmates with addiction issues. Chief Deputy Prosecutor Bob Cline told the council that 17 inmates were transferred into the facility this week.

Candidates for the treatment facility are Level 6 felons who pose no behavioral problems. The normal stay for the inmate is 30 days and follow-up treatment is required.

This is the first time the county has had this type of treatment option for those arrested on drug charges.

Bob Cline Lawrence County Chief Deputy Prosecutor

“We look at the best candidate for this treatment, and it is not for anyone who is a danger to the public,” Cline stated.

Sheriff Branham reported that there were 162 inmates in the jail on Tuesday morning. Of those 122 are males, 42 females, seven Level 6 felons, four Department of Corrections holds and two parole violators.

Sheriff Branham requested some changes in salary ordinances for personnel. He requested the clerk title be changed to a bookkeeper. This will increase their salary by $1,069.

The Chief Deputy and Chief Matron position will now be salary positions. They will not receive overtime or holiday pay. There will be a $3,000 salary increase for the Chief Deputy position.

The jail nurse is now under contract with Advanced Correctional Health Care. They are no longer a county employee and the position needs to be removed from the salary ordinance.

The Sheriff’s department also eliminated a shift captain, major and detective position that is currently vacant.

The department also went back to 8-hour shifts from 12-hour shifts.

With the above mention salary changes this will be a savings of $458.

All of the salary ordinances changes were approved following a few questions from the council members.

The Sheriff was also given permission to hire a correctional officer to fill a vacancy. That position is already budgeted for.

Valarie Luchauer Emergency Management Director

Lawrence County Emergency Management Director Valarie Luchauer was given permission to fill a vacancy for a coordinator.

The Council gave Mary Kinser from the Lawrence County Health Department to hire Glen Bowman to fill a nursing position. Bowman’s salary will be paid through grant funding.