Tax Filing Made Simpler for Low-Income Seniors

(UNDATED) – Did you know some Hoosier taxpayers can file their taxes, claim Indiana’s Unified Tax Credit for the Elderly and get a tax refund by filing one simple form? 

The Unified Tax Credit for the Elderly is available to individuals age 65 or over that have taxable income that is less than $10,000. You can claim this credit if you and/or your spouse have:
•    Turned 65 by Dec. 31, 2019;
•    Lived in Indiana for at least six months in 2019;
•    Filed a joint return if married; and
•    Have not been in prison for 180 days or more in 2019.

Most taxpayers claim this credit when using Form IT-40 or Form IT-40 PNR to file their taxes. To use the shorter, one-page Form SC-40, you and/or your spouse must qualify for the tax credit and meet the following income guidelines:
•    Single or widowed with less than $2,500 in income; or 
•    Married, and only one person is age 65 or older, with less than $3,500 in income; or 
•    Married, and both of you are age 65 or older, with less than $5,000 in income. 

Starting this tax season, Forms SC-40, IT-40 and IT-40PRN all have the same due date, April 15, 2020. Visit for more information on tax credits and assistance for seniors and low-income taxpayers. If you have additional questions about your taxes, you can call DOR Customer Service at (317) 232-2240, Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.